TWLP2030_Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways


What will it take? Gender equality in leadership by 2030

PLuS Alliance project Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways has launched an online Knowledge Hub to support and steward gender parity in leadership by 2030.
TWLP2030_Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways
Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways was launched by the PLuS Alliance – a global collaboration between three universities: Arizona State University, King’s College London, and UNSW Sydney – in October 2020 to address and examine the critical factors limiting women’s pathways to senior leadership in their fields. Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathway compiled 10 evidence-based actions plans articulating the practical actions of government, universities and industry must undertake to close the leadership gender gap.
The Women’s Leadership Knowledge Hub, a critical component of Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways’ roadmap: a database of resources including leadership training, research opportunities, and government and industry collaborations covering 10 areas of interest and six themes.
Co-Led by Professor Eileen Baldry AO, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Equity and Diversity and Inclusion, UNSW Sydney, Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways identified the need for the Women’s Leadership Knowledge Hub.

“To ensure organisations step up and support real change, it was imperative that our project lead a curated information resource, a knowledge hub, providing access to tools to educate and facilitate gender equality. We are very proud of this resource,” said Professor Baldry.

“Globally, women are still in the minority amongst CEOs, board and executive members of major companies, professors and political leaders. The Knowledge Hub enables users to see what is available at other organisations to improve this situation, starting with our three universities, stewarding collaboration, organisational development and continuous improvement.”
The Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways program delivers recommendations, resources, and advocacy to transform the pathways to leadership for all genders.
“It’s ensuring that the profile of executive leadership across 10 major sectors is inclusive and sustainable,” said Dr Sarah Jones, Director Strategic Partnerships, Arizona State University.

“The Knowledge Hub enables PLuS Alliance university staff and students to find out what support, programs, and initiatives exist at their university in which they can participate. It also provides a resource to look at best practices at other universities so we can leverage the different experience of our partners. This is just the first step. We plan to expand the Women’s Leadership Knowledge Hub to showcase more and more of the fantastic programs that already exist within other organisations across the globe,” she said.

This is the first key initiative from the Transforming Women’s Leadership team, ahead of the announcement of program details for 2022, which will include engagement by TWLP working groups with our universities and industry partners to progress the 10 Action Plans.
“We’re really excited to be launching the Knowledge Hub today, a key component of our strategic plan. It’s a timely and usable online resource for organisations to view and be inspired by examples of women’s leadership programs, initiatives, and research,” said Professor Claire Sharpe, King’s College London.

“It’s about encouraging and supporting organisations to broaden the pathways for women into leadership and we’re here to really open up the opportunities,” she said.

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TWLP2030_Transforming Women’s Leadership Pathways

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